Volunteers have a very special place at Holston Home.  Some opportunities are designed to build healthy relationships with children, other projects focus on grounds and building maintenance.  Many individuals and groups are needed throughout the year to assist Holston Home in meeting the needs of our children and program.

  • Volunteer opportunities with children:   (contact Nicole Rader at 423-787-8753 or by clicking Nicole Rader)
  • Tutors– Individuals matched to assist children with daily homework or special objects.
  • Mentors- Individuals matched to an individual child to enrich his or her life through regular activities, visits, and outings.
  • Faith Formation– Groups or individuals that would like to assist with worship, teach or lead Sunday worship.
  • Often groups and individuals calls to schedule volunteering opportunities across the campus.  Opportunities such as:  fence painting, lawn and landscaping cleaning, lending a helpful hand to our Adventure Based Counseling.  This is allowable and should be scheduled through the Development office at Holston Home.